Chapter 3: Stepping onto a new path to Teach

Chopra Institute: Seduction of Spirit

In 2016, attending the Chopra Institute’s “Seduction of Spirit” workshop was life-altering. As co-founder Dr. Deepak Chopra, described meditation as a tool, all of those moments in my personal and professional life where meditation enhanced my thinking and decision making, played in front of me like scenes from a movie. I had my eureka moment. This “tool” was instrumental in my life, and I was inspired to take his messages and my tools to teach others.

In reflecting on the question that I asked my mom, I am now thrilled with the answer to “is this life?” Now I realize that life is a journey and I can appreciate the magical, mystical moves that have unfolded. In hindsight, I realize that I hadn’t always seen the full potential of my life. In my youth I took risks, but I became more risk adverse in my mid-career. As my meditation practice matured and deepened, deeper wisdom and assurance conveyed that life is going to be just fine.  I’ve come to appreciate that life is a journey, and all of our experiences are invaluable to our growth and development. Meditation helps me navigate those experiences.

Instructor Certification

I am inspired to teach and assist others in developing their mindfulness practice. Many people suffering from anxiety and stress and lack healthy coping mechanism.  I want to offer an antidote. I am a Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor through the Chopra Institute. Primordial Sound Meditation is a mantra-based technique derived from time-tested ancient traditions. The mantra is an instrument that takes you away from the mind. Although the technique is ancient, it’s suitable for our modern lives.

By now, hopefully, you can sense my passion for the power of meditation. It has served me well, leading me through a 30-year successful corporate career. In addition to my views, there is a growing set of medical research that documents the physiological benefits of meditation.

Meditation has expanded my ability to assist students as I am also a certified Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy®. Integrated Energy Therapy® or (IET®) is one of the next generation – hands on – power energy therapy systems that get the “issues out of your tissues,” for good.

Having lived the challenges you face, I understand your story. But I also know that we have different life events, that each of us is unique, and we experience the world differently. That is why I customize my approach for each student. I apply my knowledge and tools in a manner to help you develop a sustainable practice.

If you are struggling with challenges whose solutions evade you, if you have an inner voice that is calling you, but you don’t yet know how to answer it, I encourage you to contact me to learn more and start down a path of peace, calm and clarity that will change you forever. I look forward to helping you find your way.