Connect, Reflect, Create to ReAwaken


A public persona has its place as long as you’re clear on who you are.  Living in a world where there’s an intense focus on the external stimuli of followers, likes, and postings can be both fun and challenging. The challenge occurs when one loses sight of who you really are, what you value and your uniqueness. Looking to the external world for validation and reinforcement is risky as people are fickle with changing interest and taste. Celebrity and fame don’t necessarily sprinkle peace, joy, and happiness into your real life.

Our days are full, and most of us are connected to something for the majority of our waking hours. Keeping up those “likes” require that we be relevant and stay “on”. On the surface, it appears that we’re in the know, but many share the dark side of the constant connection. Complaints of a noisy mind that never quiets, while good sleep is elusive, is far more common than I might have imagined. Folks describe sheer mental exhaustion because the switch is always on.

Many want to know if meditation can help them turn the switch off. Imagine my reply is, “yes, yes, and yes.”  How? First by connecting. Connecting with the quiet, the stillness, the wisdom that’s not bound by ego or fear. This connection is the equivalent of plugging your device into the AC adapter where the surge of energy renews and revitalizes your battery or soul. Sitting quietly affords the meditator a few moments of disconnecting from the external while tapping into the internal power source of the soul.

Both the research and anecdotal reports suggest that regular meditation leads to:

  • A quieter mind
  • Deeper sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduction of stress-related health issues and symptoms
  • Increased intuition
  • Better relationships

Once charged and powered up, it’s incredible how the mind stops spinning, and the monkey mind quiets. From the state of connection, the thoughts slow down, while reflection and conscious choice making become more dominant. This shows up differently for everyone. Some students report that they pause to reflect before making choices. Those choices can range from pausing before reacting to an email or hurtful words. One of my students found that once he got out of his own head, he was more present and attuned to others during his business meetings. He picked up on cues and opportunities he might have previously missed.


It’s great to sit still and relax during the meditation, but it’s even more interesting to see how the benefits of meditation show up in your daily life. Something about tapping into that place of peace that makes you more reflective and observant. Reflecting on your thoughts, actions, choices, opinions, and approaches is a natural outgrowth of enhancing one’s internal wisdom.

I recently took my seven-year-old niece to a new bookstore. She wanted books on and about science. She’s reading at grade level, but I had to be conscious in selecting books that provided a little stretch while being comprehensible to her.  As her vocabulary and cognition expand, she’ll be able to read, digest and comprehend more complex topics. Thus, her level of reflection will expand. This same process of expansion occurs for the meditator whose connection, reflection and introspection all expand with their practice.

Reflection brings a heightened state of awareness, appreciation, and gratitude. Awareness equates to a heightened state of observing. In the past, I might have looked at a situation straight-on, in that there’s one way to see and address. Expanding awareness elevates the view, in that you walk to the front, back and under the situation to explore all angles. Interestingly,  it’s not what you thought and the solution is different what you imagined.

Awareness extends into your relationship with people, places, and things. Observing while participating, you may step outside of yourself and ask questions such as, “what’s this really about or where did that come from.” Inspection and introspection can be powerful tools on your journey, especially as your connection to wisdom expands.


Connecting and reflecting, leads to a place where thoughts slow down, the mind settles, and one gets more comfortable with operating in a zone of the flow and develops an appreciation for one’s intuition.  What is the flow? You’ve all had those moments of being absorbed with an activity when space and time disappeared, and you fully wondered “where did time go? ”   You were present, but in a state of being and in the flow.

While in the flow, we often open our channels of creativity.  Creativity was a word that I found intimidating, and I would proudly profess that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. I did my body a real injustice as I came to appreciate that creativity is about the use of the imagination to express innovation, originality, new ideas. I didn’t have to be a famous artist or inventor; instead, I could and did envision and imagine for my life. All of us are creators. Quieting of the mind shifts us to a place where the creativity and sparks of inspiration become more common. It’s incredible when we allow the majesty of life to express itself through us.

Intuition and synchronicity fuel your creativity. As one embraces the flow of life, there’s less resistance as you quiet the mind and tap into the hunches, guidance and “it came out of nowhere” that’s emblematic of higher states of intuition.

I hope that this sounds thrilling, as the creative spark may show up in your work, style, passion, and zest for life. Artists, writers, and inventors often describe a state of receiving the words, vision or insight that led to something unusual. Amazing is waiting to show up in your life, so relax and Create your best life. 


Meditation is one part of a personal journey that supports the ability to Connect, Reflect and Create. Each of the words represents action, thus implying a sense of doing or allowing something to occur. The final word of this formula is the result of the above, as one ReAwakens to the pure potential of your life. I see reawakening as arousal from sleep or where something has been dormant.

The process isn’t linear; instead, it’s more like a wheel where you connect-reflect-create, connect-reflect-create, and connect-reflect-create, etc. Through this cycle, you ReAwaken to your true essential nature and the power within you. So often, we are not aware of our ability to consciously co-create our lives. This process of connecting, reflecting and creating all helps to remind us that we’re phenomenal beings and we ReAwaken to that state of knowing.

In this space of ReAwakening, there’s greater love, happiness, peace, and awareness; while, stress, and worry diminish not because issues disappear but, because you see them differently.  With this state of consciousness, you ReAwaken and feel free to share your unique gifts with the world.