Not long ago, I joined the Picturing Success Podcast that is hosted by world-renowned Photographers, Rick Sammon and Larry Becker. Although I am not a world-renowned photographer,  I had a wonderful opportunity to discuss the benefits of meditation by sharing that stilling the mind enhances one’s creativity. Rick is a high energy guy, so it’s a fun and engaging interview. We demystify meditation and discuss its transferability to all areas of life.

Although the Picturing Success Podcast focuses on photography, our interview speaks to the simplicity of starting a meditation practice. Rick shares some of the techniques that he’s employed to quiet himself, while I share how mindfulness has influenced my craft. I share how quieting the mind creates the space for one to connect, reflect and create amazing pictures or whatever you long to create.

The beautiful picture of the monk is one of Rick Sammon’s creations. It’s a perfect example of his creative vision playing out to make an illuminating image of the young monk. He made the image as opposed to taking the image. His thinking readily applies to other areas of our lives. Are we observing or creating?

Searching for Success? Check out my interview on the Picturing Success podcast.