Tips for Stress Management

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly” – Dr. Martin Luther King

As we practice social distancing, I think we’re learning an invaluable lesson. The lesson: WE are all members of one global community that inhabits this planet called earth.

Initially, you may have viewed the COVID19 virus as someone else’s problem, but quickly grasped it was our common problem. The notion that the problem lived on the other side of the globe was only an illusion. We are interconnected via networks and systems that are both visible and invisible to the human eye. The interconnectedness is both empowering and frightening because this creates both opportunity and uncertainty

The uncertainty can lead to fear, anxiety, and stress. These emotions, when held for extended periods, are not conducive to optimal health.

I’m often asked how I manage stress and anxiety? Which is a great question? I inhabit the same world, but often navigate stress with a little more ease. Here are my tips.

My playlist is pulled from my mindfulness practice and includes the following:

  • Good Nutrition: eating food that feeds my cellular functioning
  • Sleep: the superpower that renews and restores our mind, body, and spirit
  • Meditation: 30 to 60 minutes a day to reset my mind, body, and spirit
  • Exercise:
    • I’m walking early to respect “social distancing.”
    • Using my hula hoop (such fun as an adult),
    • Following my trainer’s workouts on IG
    • Went to the basement and pulled out the weights and other stuff that I’ve bought and never used
  • Connect with Nature – a little challenging in densely populated areas; but, I planted seeds in small flower pots, and they’re starting to sprout!
  • Have and cultivate Healthy Relationships:
    • Using video to maintain the visual connection
    • Talking more than texting
    • Heartfelt sharing with laughter, laughter, laughter

Engage in something that brings me JOY!!!!