You never know when an opportunity will arise. We must all ask ourselves, “will I have the courage to accept it when it comes?”

One Friday in January, I received calls from family members and clients who saw a local newscaster inquiring about energy work, based on a hilarious video that he showed. My tribe shifted into full gear, promoting me and my energy work via email and social media. I thought it intriguing but didn’t expect anything to arise and proceeded with my day.

The next week, I was surprised when I received a call from Fox 29, “Good Day Philadelphia.” We discussed the viability of my energy work, filling a 5-minute segment. Life is full of surprises. I started my Tuesday with a predetermined to-do list, and by 2 pm that afternoon, I was in full gear preparing to join Mike Jerrick for a segment about energy work.  I practice Integrated Energy Therapy, but there are numerous other modalities, such as Reiki and EFT. Mike is a local icon, with a loyal fan base that embraces his personality and humor. I was excited about the opportunity and wanted to represent the Energy Healers of the world proudly.

The link shows our exchange, which was so positive and subtly sent a message to the Philadelphia Community about energy healing. The segment raised awareness of my practice while earning accolades from so many energy healers who were surprised to see the work highlighted on television as they sipped their coffee.

Standing in my courage, with the love and support of my tribe, I demonstrated a technique that many consider “woo-woo.” I felt honored to represent and share an aspect of my services that is less familiar. I received my Master Instructor Certificate in 2002, and I hadn’t emphasized this part of my practice. I am thrilled that I dared to show up and expose more people to the power of clearing their energy field to live less stress-filled lives.

My closing words of wisdom, “each day, prepare yourself to have the courage stand in your power.”