Common Question: Can Anyone Meditate?

People often attend my "Introduction to Meditation" workshop because they feel stressed. During the session, we practice meditating, so I hear mixed feedback about the participant’s ability to settle the mind or not. Some report that they relaxed, while others quickly...

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“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."                                                                                                    the Buddha   The start of the new year...

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Creating the Space for Peace

CREATING THE SPACE FOR PEACE  MEDITATION WHAT IS MEDITATION? There are many types of meditation. The one definition that fits almost all forms of meditation is “consciously directing your attention to alter your state of consciousness.” There’s no limit to the things...

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Connect, Reflect and Create to ReAwaken

Connect, Reflect, Create to ReAwaken Connect A public persona has its place as long as you’re clear on who you are.  Living in a world where there’s an intense focus on the external stimuli of followers, likes, and postings can be both fun and challenging. The...

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My Journey: Chapter 3: Stepping onto a new path to Teach

Chapter 3: Stepping onto a new path to Teach Chopra Institute: Seduction of Spirit In 2016, attending the Chopra Institute’s “Seduction of Spirit” workshop was life-altering. As co-founder Dr. Deepak Chopra, described meditation as a tool, all of those moments in my...

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My Journey Chapter 2: Meditating to Clarity

Chapter 2: Finding a Path to Clarity Seeking On a professional level, life progressed well. I found myself at good companies growing as a corporate executive, with opportunities to advance. Working hard, I kept my nose to the grindstone. I received awards and...

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My Journey – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A stranger in a strange land Meditation has been a gift on my journey, a tool for over twenty-five years. It has helped me navigate my most trying experiences, and gain clarity around my career and personal life. As this internal compass helped...

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