I will continue to refresh the calendar with dates at both my primary location and guest appearances, so please check back or contact me if you’re interested but the times listed aren’t convenient for you. I am committed to an intimate and highly engaged learning environment. Therefore, space is limited. Register today!

CategoryEvents2021 Dates and TimesCostDescriptionRegistration
CoachingSharpen Your Focus: Mental Fitness for Passionate PhotographersLaunches the week of February 22nd, and will meet over 6 weeks.$149Learn how you can use the principles of Mental Fitness to quiet your inner critic in order to improve your skills as a photographer.

CoachingCoaching: Career and LifeSchedule 1 hour Clarity Session to Assess Coaching NeedsCustomized PackagesLive the best version of your lifeRegister Now
MindfulnessFree Monday Meditation PhotoTherapy Group via YouTube1st and 3rd Monday, 12 noon ESTFreeBrief Talk & 20 - Minute Meditation YouTube Page for PhotoTherapy Motivation and Wisdom
MindfulnessFree Tuesday Weekly Live Meditation Tuesday Nights @ 9 PM EST
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Meeting ID: 975 216 774
FreeBrief Talk & 20-Minute Meditation with Q & A

Not required
MindfulnessIntegrated Energy TreatmentBy Appointment
(Can be done virtually)

50 Minute Session that clears energetic blockages. People report feeling less stressed, clearer and lighter.Register Now
MindfulnessIntuitive ReadingsBy Appointment
(Can be done virtually)
$75Gain insight on the path of your soul.Register Now
MindfulnessStress Management in the Workplace with Meditation Customized for the environment.CustomizedTypical Agenda:
Discussion and Team Exercises on Impact of Stress, Stress Management Techniques & Meditation
Register Now

Linda’s teaching style was conversational, organic, encouraging, and very informative.

“Being that this was new territory for me, I didn’t know what to expect from “learning” how to meditate a certain way. However, Linda’s approach felt very natural, and she always ensures that you understand the topic and engages you with questions and thoughts. I have recommended her to friends of mine, not only because of the awareness gained from meditation, but also because of the way she made something profound easy to understand and practice.”

Raymond G.
Co-Founder of Tech Start-Up 

The benefits of concentration have been an effective tool at my disposal.

“I am impressed with the concepts of meditation.  The guidance you gave me to follow has helped me to center myself and begin to allow the energy to flow through my body.  As someone new to meditation, I started meditating five minutes at a sitting. It has been a slow process but I am up to 25-minute sessions.”

Deborah R.

My experience with Primordial Sound Meditation was life-changing.

“Linda was an awesome instructor. Her calmness, great energy, and soothing voice made the experience even better. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn meditation.”

Sheron M.

Linda has a nurturing, embracing wisdom energy that will help you grow and heal.

“If you are experiencing burnout, stress, a depressed mood, feeling disconnected from yourself, others and God, and/or lacking self-confidence and self-worth; then, learning Meditation or utilizing any of Linda’s other services, will re-empower you, while at the same time, revitalizing and replenishing you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have known her for 20 years and highly recommend her. She is the ‘real deal’. Her compassion and integrity are exemplary.”

Yanni Maniates

I feel like I have a long way to go, but I am excited about the journey.

“I left the class feeling light. It was as if I’d unpacked some of my emotional suitcase, and was able to lighten my load. I appreciate what a warm, patient, and expressive instructor Linda is, as well as how encouraging, and receptive she was to let me ask questions so I could come to understand my PSM practice better.”

Kelly S.