Are You Ready to ReAwaken?

Are you living the best version of your life with success, joy, maximum creativity, and awareness?

Or, are you stressed, overwhelmed, feeling stuck, perpetually exhausted and worried?  Or somewhere in between? Regardless of what you’re feeling, Transformational Coach, Linda Marshall brings tools and techniques that help you shift your perspective to find more wholeness, peace, abundance, and gratification.

 My mission is to blend my experiences and gifts to support, demystify, and teach guide my clients to a place where they Connect + Reflect + Create to ReAwaken to the Power Within.

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About Me

 Linda Marshall is a Transformational Coach who guides her clients in stepping into their magnificence. Her inspirational and engaging style is backed by a client-centered approach that allows her to meet clients where they are, with a focus on them being the best version of themselves. 

 Linda works with organizations and individuals to deliver customized solutions that range from Coaching to Mindfulness. She designs her solutions to promote success, joy, and peace of mind, as she eloquently blends the practical and esoteric ingredients for success and happiness.

 Linda blends this passion for leading, coaching, teaching, and helping others with an extensive and successful corporate career, where she led large high-performing teams in Fortune 100 Companies. Linda’s credentials include an MBA, Coaching Certification with the International Coaching Federation, Certified Meditation Instructor through Dr. Deepak Chopra’s institute, and is a Master – Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy.